The iShinChi Watches Story is a subsidiary of iShinChi Management Co., Ltd. We are watch lovers who take pride in providing quality Japanese Watches, both mechanical and quartz models to South East Asia, and Oceania.

Our story started in Japan, where the  Japanese watch masters are unequaled in their singular commitment to both quality and design.  We fell in love with the beauty and precision of the Japanese watch pieces.  We saw personally, the unwavering devotion and skill of the watch masters.  It is hard to remain unimpressed by the dedication of these sensei to their watch craft.

Most of the watch movements today are designed and manufactured in Switzerland or Japan. Although, traditionally, the Swiss watchmaking standards are used as the benchmark for quality, since the 1980s, Japanese-made movements have equaled the Swiss in quality, sometimes, even surpassing them.  A watch made in Japan gives you a very high quality but at an extremely attractive price.

The Japanese were the first to introduce timepieces using cutting edge innovation. They pioneered the kinetic watches which do not require batteries and are equipped with built-in cameras.


Our Artisanal Label

We are passionate about watches, and love watches that are unique with a story to tell, where function follows form. Each extraordinary timepiece is carefully handmade and shaped. The casing and all the tiny parts are painstakingly and carefully shaped by hand. Watch the video to see the precise handiwork. The timepieces are then installed with quality Japanese holographic movement.




Our Professional Chronometers

Quality. Durability. Attention to design.  Our three guiding principles comes together in our mechanical collection from Seiko, Japan.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our curated collection.




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